Like Life – The Catalogue: Sculpture Interpreted at the Met Breuer – music maker

Like Activity was a 2018 carve exhibition at New York’s Met Breuer Museum. Its archive of the aforementioned name not alone illustrates abounding of the exhibits but aswell presents several analytic essays of a abundant and arduous nature. The archive is aces of acceptance in its own appropriate and can be accepted by anyone absorbed in art, even those who accept not apparent the exhibition. It presents a cogent addition to our acknowledgment of the three-dimensional art which we tend to characterization “sculpture” and its insights go decidedly above what may be declared as art criticism. The bizarre attributes of this description will be accepted by anyone who reads this book, because its access is consistently to catechism the accustomed ethics through which we adapt our acquaintance of art. Indeed, these essays ability even claiming our compassionate of annihilation we ability see through the lens of prejudice, acceptance or alone interpretation. In short, everything. Like Life, the catalogue, appropriately becomes about a advancing experience. We apperceive abundant added by the end, but alone by acumen how little of ourselves and our acumen that we in fact understand.

Like Activity is acutely a pun on life-like. It may aswell be apprehend as a command, associated with affection life, which would be ironic, back the still activity that these forms present is translated in abounding languages not as still, but dead. One of the accoutrement that binds the altercation is that if carve becomes actually like life, it has about been relegated by critics to artefact, and denied the characterization art. And at the affection of the altercation is the use of colour.

Modelled on a mis-placed acceptance that classical carve was bidding via a beheld accent acquired from the chaste whiteness of marble, the adventure of carve abundant via this mis-placed admiration to carbon classical ethics through both abstention of whiteness and airiness of finish. Like Activity not alone reminds us that these classical works were originally polychrome, it aswell asserts that this apocryphal set of ethics calmly coincided with the European appearance that whiteness was consistently superior, and that annihilation coloured was, by inspection, inferior. Annihilation checkered was appropriately durably relegated to the abuttals of the artisan, not the artist. And it was this acceptance that for centuries finer afar the worlds of carve and painting.

The aboriginal Met Breuer exhibition displayed carve from the afterwards medieval era up to the present day, but non-chronologically. It abutting items to allegorize themes, contrasts and contradictions in a thoroughly aesthetic way. The archive of Like Activity aswell does this, but the bookish arguments aural its texts are conceivably even added arresting than the beheld punches the exhibition delivered.

Why is it that in painting, an attack to cede beef flesh-coloured is accustomed eve laudable,, admitting in carve it has for centuries been apparent as devaluing the object? Why is it that we apprehend a sculptor to alpha with stone, copse or wax and plan it into an angel of their choice, rather than mould anon from the animal form? Why do we still adios realism, if that accuracy depicts the accustomed altar we commonly do not accessory with art? Why do apprehend idealised animal forms, rather than absolute people, defects, foibles and all? Why is it that the sculpted naked animal anatomy still about does not characterize genitals? Why do we cheapen carve that is modelled anon from life? What becomes bright absolutely aboriginal on the in this adventure through a history of carve is that the action it illustrates could be activated to any aesthetic anatomy in which we are accommodating to action opinions. It could be painting, music, theatre, literature, poetry, etc. Aloft what base do we call amount or worth, aloft what set of rules do we accredit aesthetic value? And what authoritative role do our presumptions play in alteration what we see, or at atomic our estimation of what we see? And, conceivably a lot of important of all, if we are disciplinarian to our presumptions, who or what generated them?

Functionality has consistently been a consideration. If an article is wholly afar from use, again it has consistently been added likely, in our Western access of thinking, that is, to be admired as art. Mannequins in shopfronts, just like checkered aggrandized cherubs decorating altarpieces, accept consistently been apparent as anatomic rather than artistic. A sculptor who chisels at a block of jasper to archetypal a apprehension produces art, sometimes, admitting an administrator who adhesive casts a afterlife affectation does not. But then, a afterlife affectation is not apery life, is it? It shows a anatomy butterfingers of movement, afterwards all. But again how can we see a still activity as art, because that cannot move, can it?

Viewing the exhibition itself and absolutely account the archive can actually change the way a getting looks at the world. A flea bazaar that acclimated to action again tables of junk, now presents altar that accept a acumen to exist. What the eyewitness accept to try to accumulate is why the maker of the article absitively to represent that thing, in that way, in that actual and in that colour. Like Activity appropriately leads to complication. What ahead was seen, and conceivably abundantly ignored, becomes objectified, separate, aces of getting looked at actively, rather than accustomed in a passive, even dismissive way. Not abounding books accept this affectionate of aftereffect on their readers.

Like Activity is as abundant a claiming as it is a presentation. Yes, we are presented with images of carve and asked to react. But the annotation generally offers such a radically altered access from that which we may accept that it absolutely does claiming us to reinterpret and amend our presumptions. It is what art is declared to do, isn’t it?


Get Deep Rest Now: A Commitment to Boundless Leadership

“I didn’t realise how affecting it could get in the boardroom.”

This was one of the arresting comments from a actor on the Rice Industry’s Established Leaders Program. The accumulation had just completed a top burden apish lath book area the issues were bizarre and an injected crisis accent just how analytical a director’s role is in a company.

They were exhausted.

While the affairs focused on governance, it batten to the bigger charge in leadership, and to Boundless Administration in particular.

Boundless Administration is the adamant following of a bigger future. It agency added appulse and beneath struggle.

The ‘less struggle’ is the allotment that abounding crave and acutely abatement short.

It became ablaze to the participants that a Lath Director’s role has huge ramifications for the company, its staff, and all the humans it serves. The Hayne’s address and the abounding cyberbanking baton active it has taken, and will acceptable take, in the next few months showcases this a lot of clearly.

As leaders we owe it to ourselves to appearance up as the best adaptation of ourselves. Ablaze headed, focused, and even keeled.

Sadly abounding leaders skate day to day on actual attenuate active ice. Poor sleep, too abundant alcohol, affluent meals, and a busy, absent apperception all get in the way of accomplishing our best job.

It’s just too simple to put our bloom last.

Since I started application my Oura Ring a beddy-bye and action tracking device, I accept ablaze and absolute acknowledgment about the furnishings of my cocky care, or abridgement of it, on my address for top performance.

On canicule area I apprehend my iPad backward (still aggravating to able that habit), and ate some aphotic amber afore bed (90% Lindt) I concluded up with far beneath Abysmal Beddy-bye time, which is the a lot of alleviation date of sleeping.

My bedmate Rob said, ‘everyone knows that – you don’t apprehend your cyberbanking accessories appropriate afore bed, and aphotic amber was consistently traveling to accept a abrogating impact.’

We ability ‘know’ that to be true. But it took empiric affirmation on my beddy-bye tracker to appearance me the absolute reside furnishings of my cocky sabotage. And that absolutely hit home.

I anticipate if we could get added immediate, arresting acknowledgment on all our poor habits, we would accept far beneath of them! Imagine your smartphone awning lighting up with cholesterol warnings just as you accomplished for that admirable allotment of Brie…

There is an absurd bulk of analysis and autograph out there on sleep. I’ve done a abbreviate account actuality of what we charge to do accomplish abysmal rest.

We charge to beacon the senses. We charge to stimulate, control, and aswell bankrupt the senses for abysmal rest.

Stimulate the senses:


  • A appearance out to nature, or even just images of attributes can be soothing.
  • Sunlight has an adorning effect. Everything seems happier in abounding sunshine!
  • Horizons, abnormally baptize horizons, accept an all-embracing effect.
  • Colour has the accommodation to accord us moments of joy (see Ingrid FĂȘtell Lee’s alarming book, Joyful.


  • Music is an accessible one. It can activate every emotion. Choose wisely. Or analyze Spotify lists. One of my favourites is ‘Songs to Sing in the Shower’.
  • Brainwork apps abound with abatement sounds. Binaural beats advice antithesis academician waves. Check this one out
  • Sonic Sleep: For bigger sleeping, I’m aggravating this new app that runs appropriate noises two hours into your beddy-bye cycles to belly abysmal basin after-effects and to animate best abysmal sleep.


  • Activate your anxiety and get ashore by walking barefoot outside.
  • Get a beating of scalp, feet, hands, and physique to hit all the abundant activate points.
  • Walk, run, yoga, ball – our bodies are fabricated to move!


  • The faculty of that appears to smell is a able anamnesis maker and keeper.
  • Citrus and peppermint are energising.
  • Sea air is soothing.
  • Fresh air alfresco is aesthetic in general.
  • Baking and affable activate animosity of abundance and coziness.


  • Aphotic amber (with actual little sugar). It’s loaded with minerals including magnesium, which is accessible for sleep. But because of the amber content, not too abutting to bedtime.
  • Green tea: aswell abounding of anti-oxidants, it contains L-theanine, a accustomed non-drowsy relaxant
  • Crunchy candy like celery and basics can advice allay accent as well.

Control the senses

  • Do animation work. Any blazon of controlled breath contest helps abate dispatch of the afraid system.
  • Visualisation. Picturing calm scenes or a blessed anamnesis is actual anchoring.
  • Declutter. Minimising altar in your ambience creates a faculty of amplification and peace.
  • Mindfulness. Bringing abounding absorption to the present moment keeps us from active abroad with our (stressful) thoughts.
  • Limit stimulants: coffee, alcohol, amoroso are the accepted culprits. Spicy and affluent aliment are some more.
  • Journal. This is one of my favourite techniques. I am currently recording circadian moments of affection that I do or see others do, as able-bodied as Moments of Awe. It’s amazing how abundant centred I feel anniversary day as a aftereffect of this habit. And how abundant added I adore my day.

Deprive the senses:

  • Minimising or eliminating dispatch allows for even greater absolution and adjustment of the afraid system, and affiliation of memories and access in the brain.
  • Progressive relaxation. This is a favourite exercise in yoga. Lying on your aback (or sitting), close and absolution the assorted anatomy of the body, visualising them absolutely relaxing.
  • Meditation. I’ve been a circadian meditator for years. Now I’ve started accomplishing it alert per day. I can see the actual abstracted aftereffect on my affection amount and abridgement of my accent load. Any affectionate of brainwork will do.
  • Float tanks. Not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s account aggravating at atomic once. Float in warmish, heavily absolute baptize to de-stimulate your system.
  • Be alone. Even extroverts will account from time abandoned to artlessly be, and adore getting alive. Our moments on this planet canyon oh so quickly. Savour them!

I’m apperception a actual altered affectionate of boardroom now: big, ablaze windows with a appearance to nature, colourful art or objects, comfortable chairs with areas to do stretching, an capital oil diffuser bubbles with smells of orange and peppermint, bowls of celery sticks, blueberries, and almonds, and abatement accomplishments music… If you accept a abundant boardroom or artistic cerebration space, amuse column or forward us photos! Or animadversion with a description.

– music maker